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Mary Gorder is a high energy businesswoman and entrepreneur who has been creating and building successful companies for the past 16 years. Mary's first steps in the business world were several startups in the Home Care field for the elderly which she grew from one office in 2002 to a half dozen offices within five years with locations in New Jersey, Philadelphia, Denver, and Seattle. 

Mary is also currently leveraging her extensive experience with music and talent competitions - having been a successful competitor in her youth - to create a series of internet startups. Mary's current web properties include "OnlineDreamers.com", an online rival television talent competition such as "American Idol" and "The X Factor", "Musicians4Rent.com", an innovative portal designed to connect professional musicians and potential clients in a vertically integrated site and United4Music.org to provide FREE programs to the underprivileged.

From a personal perspective, Mary has leveraged the struggles and experiences of growing up under difficult circumstances to inform her values around hard work, growing capital, and educated risk. These same struggles and experiences have made it a lifelong goal for Mary to assist the underprivileged in society and to that end she has created and partnered with multiple non-profit organizations worldwide.

Her latest venture DrsOnCalls.com, a telemedicine platform that help transform and simplify the way complex healthcare is delivered by connecting a global network of doctors using modern technology to deliver world-class, compassionate, convenient and affordable medical care at a touch of a button. 

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